C.R.E.S.C. Mission

Class for Resilient, Empathic and Spiritual Children® is a program created by a Romanian phycologist that address current youth challenges and supports them to improve their vision, perception and energy when thinking about themselves, acting and taking decisions.

The Mission... of CRESC® program is to encourage children to understand and relate to notions and topics such as the following:​

Developing self-awareness
Reflections on life purpose
Wise decision making and understanding the impact of choices
Building strengths/resistance and treating challenges as opportunities
Learning behavioural patterns for fulfilment
Finding and becoming aware of their strengths in order to develop their self-esteem
Arousing the desire to make a difference in the world
A practical way about how their brain works
Understand that they are more than a body with a soul
Know how their subconscious mind works and that they have the possibility to change their limiting programs
Expanding their level of consciousness in order to manifest their life experiences at their highest potential
Overcoming the limits of their comfort zone